more than 160 animals of different species

On our farm, in addition to sheep, goats and donkeys, there are also alpacas at home. Alpacas are a real rarity in Slovenia, so we are one of the few farms that breed alpacas. Those of you who like to try your hand at farm work can help milk the goats. Your children can have fun feeding the animals. Families and larger groups are also kindly invited to see the animals (kindergartens, primary schools, pensioners, various organized tours for groups).

In addition to alpacas, our farm is also home to goats, sheep, a donkey and the pony Tonček.

With mandatory prior notification, you can choose:

  • animal tour for adults (30 min) – €4.00/person
  • animal tour for children (30 min) – €3.00/person
  • alpaca experience (meeting and feeding alpacas) (70 min) – €12.00/person


Alpacas are herd animals and therefore it is best that they live at least in pairs. They like to trust humans and feel good and safe around them. They are intelligent animals with a meek and peaceful character. Alpacas, like llamas, belong to the camel family. The direct ancestors of alpacas are most likely wild vicuñas and guanacos.

Alpacas are very attentive and curious, which is why they are very suitable for various therapies. Their curiosity towards foreign visitors is great, namely they stand at an arm’s length distance and thus observe. They have large, expressive eyes that radiate kindness.

Kmetija Mali raj Naše živali
Kmetija Mali raj Naše živali

Boer goats

Boer goats originate from South Africa, where they were bred for tasty and healthy meat. Adult Boer goats weigh between 80-110 kg. The body and the front of the head are white, while the head and neck are brown. Here, on our farm, Boer goats graze all year round in the heart of pristine meadows, right next to our Somar ranch. Precisely because of this, their meat is even healthier.