• Maribor  …  85 km

  • Moravske Toplice  …  25 km

  • Murska Sobota  …  25 km

  • Ljubljana  …  210 km

  • Szentgotthárd (HUN)  …  15 km

  • Budapest …  270 km

  • Zagreb …  180 km

  • Vienna … 200 km



  • Gotthard Monoster Spa …  20 km
  • Terme 3000 Spa …  25 km

Welcome at the Tourist Farm Mali raj

On the margins of Goričko Regional Park, in Dolenci near Šalovci, somewhere on the most secluded part of the world as locals like to make jokes, lies Tourist Farm Mali raj. Small village Dolenci is one of the few in Slovenia, where, together with nature, you become one. You can see farm animals (alpacas, sheep, goats, donkeys) during a walk on the Tourist Farm Mali raj. And do not be surprised if you run into any wild animals such as roe deer, pheasants, stags, hinds…

You can also visit as guests for the day, but make sure to contact us in advance. We can also offer our guests some homemade bio-products from Prekmurje and other products such as homemade Prekmurje bread from the baker’s oven, homemade marmalade, pumpkin seed oil, ham, etc. At the Tourist farm Mali raj we also produce homemade organic juice, pumpkin seed oil, etc…

Village Dolenci

Small Prekmurje village is located in the extreme north-western part of Slovenia, just at the state border with Hungary. This hilly region is built from the lake and marine sediments; the landscape is crisscrossed by large and small brooks. Her you will find the only fragrant daphne site in Slovenia. In the Frim forest, in the immediate vicinity of our farm is located the restored Frim’s well. It was built by the count’s family Frim, the well is 5m deep and contains very healthy drinking water.

There is a famous St. Nicholas parish Church in the small town of Dolenci, first mentioned in 1331. It was largely destroyed in 1698, but it was covered with shingles and added with a flat ceiling. It was re-arranged in 1766, when they baroqueized and set a new bell tower.

Municipality of Šalovci consists of 6 villages and the number of inhabitants in the municipality is 1700.

  1. Turn right on the highway, exit Murska Sobota.
  2. When you leave the highway and reach the main road, cross the road and turn left. Follow the direction Murska Sobota. Then proceed straight up to the large junction with a traffic light (there is gas station Petrol at this junction). Turn right at the intersection, then at the next intersection turn left (at the cemetery) and continue driving on the straight – main road to the next junction where you turn right again.
  3. When you arrive at the roundabout, drive towards the shopping centre BTC, follow directions there… Just drive along the main road and when you arrive at the junction turn left, towards Gornji Petrovci.
  4. The trail leads you along the main road, to Šalovci.
  5. When you arrive in Šalovci, drive by the petrol and at the restaurant turn left towards Dolenci. From here the trail leads all the way to our farm.
    Follow the signs accordingly and you will quickly be at the finish.

You will not be bored

Nature lovers can enjoy fresh air at the Tourist Farm Mali raj, hit the road through the forest or relax along a friendly chat with the locals. Our farm is a true little paradise (Mali Raj) for those who like to escape from the city noise. Forest lovers will find countless sites for picking blueberries, wild berries, mushrooms and much more. The landscape is very attractive to hunters, fishermen, mushroom pickers and everyone who love the nature.

Your children may also play and have fun on the playground. Everyone who likes to ride bikes can rent bikes on our farm and experience an unforgettable ride on hilly or flat roads. We believe that our diversified offer will attract every visitor to find something suitable for spending their leisure time and that they will gladly keep coming back to us.


  • Pool and wellness

  • Bike rental

  • Hiking

  • Children’s playground
  • Fishing